Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil, 12.7 oz


Austrians enjoy their pumpkin seed oil like Italians enjoy olive oil – it makes a versatile condiment oil for us on soups, fish, vegetables and even hot cereal. Pumpkin Seed Oil is finally making its way onto the American pantry shelf. Our roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil (RPSO) is 100% pure varietal oil made from oilseed pumpkins grown in upstate New York. The oil has a rich brown color and flavors of toasted sesame and roasted mushroom. It has a more complex flavor profile than its Austrian cousin, Styrian pumpkin seed oil.

The oil makes a wonderful complement to grilled vegetables, roasted fish, or sautéed leafy greens. Try on fresh pasta or squash soup for a rich, distinctive alternative to olive oil.  Visit our recipe section for more ideas.

RPSO is all-natural, expeller-pressed unrefined oil for finishing and flavoring your favorite dishes. It is 100% pure varietal oil made with non-GMO pumpkin seeds grown on a family farm in central New York.  Food & Wine Magazine named this oil one of its “Must-buy Condiments.”

Pumpkin seeds are roasted, pressed and bottled at our production kitchen in Geneva, New York.

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  • rpso-styrian-oil-bowlSingle ingredient: 100% non-GMO expeller pressed pumpkin seed oil.
  • Flavor profile: savory, sesame, roasted mushrooms, pistachio
  • Uses: drizzling over vegetables, salads, soups. Smoke point is only 250 degree F, so avoid high heat. Wonderful drizzled on goat cheese, steamed cauliflower or green beans, or broiled fish.  For a simple but elegant salad dressing, blend with equal parts apple cider vinegar and season with sea salt.
  • Shelf life: one year but best consumed as fresh as possible; flavor mellows over timer; keep cool and enjoy within 2 months of opening.
  • Nutrition: oil is high in vitamin A, E, essential fatty acids like omega-3, mono- and polyunsaturated fats, low in saturated fat. No trans fat or cholesterol.

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