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100% US Grown and Made Seed Snacks and Oils

US-Grown Pepitas Pumpkin Seeds & Oils

We are artisan makers of US-grown and made pepitas seed snacks, culinary oils and seed powders made exclusively from US sources. Most folks aren’t aware that more than 75% of pumpkin seeds sold in the US are imported (as reported in the New York Times), and many manufacturers make their snacks using imported ingredients, not from American farms. Stony Brook has partnered with local farms to source seeds harvested in the region. We are manufacturers of vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free seed snacks and seed oils. We produce all of our flavorful products in our own facility, roasting seeds in small batches, and pressing seeds into oil using a gentle expeller-press and filtration method that maintains freshness, subtle flavor and depth of color. We are committed to transparency in both sourcing and preparation of all of our products. Shop our website for our currently available pumpkin seed snack and oil products. If you are ever in the Finger Lakes/Geneva area, contact us to stop by for a tour! Learn more about our sourcing >>

About our Pepitas

In addition to raw pumpkin seed, we offer roasted and salted seed snack varieties, aka pepitas. For maximum flavor and crunch, we roast our pepitas in a barrel roaster each week, using just a few simple ingredients like sea salt and maple syrup. They have a toasty, savory flavor and crispy crunch. Pepitas are made from two varieties of seed: hulless pumpkin seeds and butternut squash. Enjoy right out of the bag or as a delicious addition to salads, yogurt, trail mix and roasted vegetables. Shop our seed selection >>

About our Seed Oils

Each Stony Brook oil has only one ingredient: locally-grown seed that we press each week in our Geneva New York production kitchen, using the same raw seed we use to make our seed snacks. The oils are unrefined, lightly filtered and expeller-pressed without added heat or chemical solvents. Varieties include pumpkin, flax, organic sunflower, and butternut squash–availability of each variety can vary depending on what we can source locally. Each oil varies in color and flavor, from mild and savory to a rich and nutty flavors. The oils are a flavorful complement to salads, vegetable dishes, pasta, or rice. Shop our seed oils >>

About our Seed Protein Powders

We make our seed protein powders from pumpkin, squash, hemp or flax seeds that emerge from our expeller press during oil pressing, which are gently milled into a fine powder. The powders are single-ingredient without added sugar, fillers, or salt. A balanced source of plant-based protein, fiber, and trace minerals such as zinc, copper, manganese, add it to smoothies or juices for a protein boost, or enjoy it mixed with applesauce, yogurt, soups, or add to muffins, cookies and other baked goods. Shop our seed powders >>

As always, if you have any questions about our products or process, please contact us.